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Brothers whose souls have passed onward within the last year

"O my God, Thy Trust hath been returned unto Thee.
It behooveth Thy Grace and vouchsafe unto Thy newly welcomed one,
Thy Gifts and Thy Bestowals, and the Fruits of the tree of Thy Grace!.....
He hath abandoned this mortal life and hath flown to the Kingdom of Immortality, yearning for the favor of meeting Thee....
O my Lord, the poor one hath verily hastened unto the Kingdom of Thy Wealth,
the stranger unto his home within Thy Precincts,
he that is sore athirst to the Heavenly River of Thy Bounty.
Deprive him not, O Lord, from his share of the Banquet of Thy Grace
and from the Favor of Thy Bounty.
Thou art, in truth, the Almighty, the Gracious, the All-Bountiful"

Do you have any information to share about any Alabama Frats who have passed during 2008? Please let us know:
Thank you.

(The quoted prayer above represents exerpts from various prayers taken from a Baha'i Prayer Book.)