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Helpful Hints
Report Content
Report Forms


Annual Chapter Reports serve several critically important purposes:

  1. To preserve the History of the Chapter & Fraternity.... History becomes lost when we fail to document the events and affairs of our lives !

  2. To provide the State Director and State Board a better understanding of the life of the Chapters of the State and to have knowledge of their goals, activities, needs and skills

  3. To provide a means for Chapters to develop skills in record-keeping, in documentation, analysis, critical thinking, goal-setting and accountability.

  4. To avail the Fraternity the opportunity to recognize and/or award Chapters that have exhibited an outstanding devotion to the Cause through achievements, service, and excellence and to identify Chapters in need, and render them aid and support.

  5. To share successes, challenges, and ideas with the other Brothers of other Chapters at the State Conference when the Chapter Report is made available to all. This can only make our Fraternity better and stronger!

  6. To enable the compilation of data and statistics that is representative for all the chapters in the State, which grants us a deeper understanding of our well-being

  7. Chapter Reports were mandated at the 1973 Houston Conclave, and utilized at the Regional and State Levels

Helpful Hints

  1. TIME PERIOD: The Chapter Report is to include an entire year from January 1 to December 31 of the year preceding the State & Regional Conference.

  2. DOCUMENTATION: Chapters that carefully keep a written record of their activities and have smooth transitions following officer elections will have the easier time in preparing the Annual Chapter Report.

  3. A GROUP EFFORT: Involve multiple Brothers in the preparation of the Annual Chapter Report in order to avoid oversight, errors, typo's, etc.

  4. TIME: Give yourselves plenty of time in preparing the report. Ideally it should be built through each of the 12 months of the years as the Chapter conducts its business.

  5. STYLE: The Report should be typed in a standard font, and be bound, perhaps within a plastic cover, spiral-bound or in binding folder or stapled. Number all internal pages

  6. OFFER COPIES: Produce three copies of the Annual Chapter Report. Provide one copy to the State Board by the pre-Conference State Board Meeting (or ask). Bring one copy to the Conference to display and share with other Brothers. Keep one copy at home in the Chapter Files for purpose of reference when the next year's report is done by possibly new Brothers in the Chapter. The copy that is on display at the State Conference can be submitted to the Regional Board before the Regional Conference, which is convenient if Regional Director is in attendance at the State Conference.

Content and Structure

Assessment and Judging

In the past, the Annual Chapter Report has been assessed according to the following criteria:

120 points = SUPERB !
113 points = EXCELLENT !
107 points = GOOD!
100 points = FAIR
94 points = INSUFFICIENT
87 points = POOR
Less than 87 = UNACCEPTABLE

Chapter Name:___________________________
Date of Report:_________________________

Part I. Membership Summary
Total Number of Members:____________

  1. Active Members:_______________
  2. Inactive Members:_____________
  3. New Members:__________________
  4. Reinstated Members:___________
  5. Transferred Members:__________
B. Neophyte Members:_____________

Part II. Number of Chapter Meetings: _____

Part III. Chapter Treasury
A. Date of Most recent audit: _______________
B. Name and Addess of Bank:___________________

Part IV. Chapter Officers

  1. President___________________
  2. Vice President___________________
  3. Recording Secretary___________________
  4. Corresponding Secretary___________________
  5. Financial Secretary___________________
  6. Treasurer___________________
  7. Director of Education___________________
  8. Director of Social Action___________________
  9. Director of BBBusiness___________________
  10. Director of Publicity___________________
  11. Parliamentarian___________________
  12. Chaplain___________________
  13. Advisors___________________